We are happy to share the Top 10 images of the Car Photography category of our Spotlight Awards 2023!

This year, the top 10 shots of this shortlist were selected by the following category judges:

  • Jens Erasmus Schröder, Creative Director Art at Grey, Germany
  • Chris Little, Group Creative Director at Ogilvy, Australia
  • Rishaad Sacoor, Marketing & Brand Strategy at Kia Europe, Germany
  • Heitor Buchalla, Creative Director Art at BBD Berlin, Germany
  • Robin Lemonnier, Head of Brand and Product Marketing at Volta Trucks, Sweden
  • Anna Berlin, Head of Design Audi / Creative Director at Ogilvy Germany

We would like to warmly congratulate all the talented photographers who made it into our top 10: Max Kruggel, Joseph Merkens III, Manuel Kottersteger, Anke Luckmann, Oğuz Doruk Barın, Patrik Johall, David Maurer, Benjamin Pichelmann, Mirko Westerbrink and Kai Hartmann!

Go to our Spotlight Awards to see the images and keep an eye on our blog and social media for more shortlist announcements. The winner of the Car Photography category, as well as the other category winners and the Grand Prize winner will be announced on the 20th of September.