For an artist or production company working in the advertising industry it is crucial to stay visible and show your work to Art buyers, corporate clients, media and more. As a photographer you can shoot the most beautiful pictures, have your own website and social media platforms, but if there is no trusted platform to back you up, there is still a big factor missing. It’s important that others speak about your work, share it, link to your website, and send your work to those crucial buyers that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Every photographer wants to attract new clients, and an Art buyer wants to scout talent easily. There are many websites and offline options to promote your portfolio or source talent and it’s not easy to pick just one. We took into account some of the most important factors and narrowed down the list to the five biggest and most reputable companies to promote photography portfolios – some of them also featuring Agents, Directors, photo and film production and services, post production, illustration, make-up, styling, production locations and more.

The most important elements every platform should have to promote your creative portfolio:

An easy-to-browse and clear website is vital. It could make the difference between the user abandoning the page in only a few seconds or diving into its contents for hours and the site then becomes a constant resource and place of inspiration. Responsive design and seamless experience on all devices and browsers is a must. Well-indexed and categorized content which shows the work in a way that good work deserves, quickly loading images and videos, easy to find contact information, amongst other things, will guarantee a positive user experience.

The quality & quantity of content is another important point. Any good source for Art buyers should keep the standards high and feature only those creative professionals who can deliver top-notch work.

Content that updates is crucial to make sure users go back often to check on the latest trends and news.

Top 5 websites to promote your creative portfolio:

The printed LE BOOK edition is published annually in New York, Paris, London, Berlin, and Los Angeles and are distributed internationally + available for purchase online.

LE BOOK has a network of over 50,000 creatives in leading agencies and brands, which makes LE BOOK a key place for artists to showcase their work. They also organize events 5 times a year, called Connections, a place for creatives artists and agencies to meet and discuss their artwork and projects face-to-face.


Social Media Reach: +45K

Photo board allows site visitors to browse through the latest images of Production Paradise’s members quickly and easily within their directory of top international creative talents and production services. Users can search by categories and locations and see the very best and latest work from the photography industry. Members are actively promoted to Art buyers, Producers, Photo Agents, Photo Editors, magazine publishers, corporate clients and more.

Social Media Reach: +145K

Easy navigation by product sector to find the right talent within the photo industry. Their site shows images of the members work and easy to view contact details. Options to add images to your favourites.

There is also a news section to see the most recent campaigns by their members.


Social media reach: No social media accounts

GoSee only features top advertising professionals. They have a 140,000 readers around the globe, and a high amount of visitors to their website. They offer a newsletter about their members to their subscribers and provide features to follow the creatives on their site and create moodboards for reference. They also have a blog which is keeps up-to-date with the latest advertising industry news.


Social Media Reach: +7K

Easily browse by the photographer’s specialty to find the right talent for your project, with a simplistic and nicely designed search. Wonderful Machine also offers a service to help photographers with their branding, marketing and estimating for photo shoots.

Their services include an online database of photographers, a service to find stock photos and the production of photo shoots.


Social Media Reach: +36K

Each platform mentioned has its unique features, reach, and strength. This is why most creatives choose to have a presence on as many highly respected online resources as they can to enhance their international exposure to the maximum.

If you visible, you’re credible!