Last week marked a significant milestone for Production Paradise as we hosted our highly anticipated 5th annual Portfolio Review event for the first time in the vibrant city of London.

For two days, 30 participants from 12 countries and 20 reviewers from agencies, brands and freelancers gathered at JJ Media Studios in the bustling Shoreditch district.

Each reviewer took time out of their busy schedules to review the portfolios of the participants. During the 20-minute sessions, reviewers offered personalized one-on-one feedback for every presentation. These discussions sparked creativity, enlightenment, and constructive insights on both sides.

"It isn't often I get the opportunity to meet photographers in person, be able to view their portfolios, and have them walk me through their work. It has sparked such complementary ideas and creativity, and has allowed all of us involved the opportunity to develop creative partnerships which is hugely exciting. I'm already thinking about possible collaborations for my clients and have been chatting to some of the artists.” Creative Director (Reviewer)

“This event was very beneficial for me. It is very important for my work to get relevant feedback from the best in the field. At the same time it is great to meet other photographers from all over the world and share their joys and struggles. I'm in contact with several reviewers who have approached me themselves and said they would like to be in touch with me.” Photographer

Portfolio Review in action

Our Portfolio Review isn't just a networking event - it's a thoughtfully curated space designed for freelance creatives. Here, thoughts flow freely. This encourages an exchange of ideas that is mutually beneficial for reviewers and attendees alike. As photographers engage in open discussions about their work and creative processes, they also build relationships and gain invaluable insights. Meanwhile, creative and art directors discover new talent and fresh perspectives that can enhance their future projects.

At Production Paradise, our mission is to cultivate top-tier creative partnerships. Through initiatives like the Portfolio Review, we break down barriers and connect creatives with renowned agencies, fulfilling our mission in real time.

“It was a brilliantly organised event, and so great to see some familiar faces as well as be introduced to Artists whose work I've never come across previously. I've already been in touch with a few of the photographers with a view to discuss potential future collaborations.” Art & Creative Director (Reviewer)
“Very well organised with lots of information about the reviewers and the event beforehand. A high caliber of reviewers with different disciplines giving well rounded opinions to the participants.” Photographer
We don’t have time nowadays. Time to properly look at photos, meet talented people and get a deeper understanding of what they do and how they work. The Production Paradise Portfolio Review Events are the perfect occasion to do exactly that. Sit down and properly chat about beautiful photography with the people who actually made them. Everyone should try to participate at least once to make ultimately their own work better. On top of all this, the team is lovely! Global Creative Lead, Wunderman Thompson (Reviewer)

Meeting the reviewers

“What a super environment to network in. It was professional but relaxed. The structured meetings were charmingly on the right side of being informal - without losing integrity. It is a brilliant place to network, folio review, and grow your business. I highly recommend it.” Photographer
“The event has been well organised and very useful. Actually, I might need a couple of photographers already.’’ Senior Producer & Art Buyer (Reviewer)

Networking drinks and dinner

A big thank you to all the participants and reviewers for all the amazing energy during the two days and we're looking forward to seeing many of you at the next one :)

If you'd like to get involved in our next events, email us directly at [email protected]