Meet Cari Spinnler, Senior Content Producer and Marketing Consultant at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and judge in the Spotlight Awards of the Architecture & Interiors category. Initially starting her career as an actor, she explained to us how she worked her way up to her current position, her expectations for the Spotlight Awards and much more.

Production Paradise: You have been a Marketing Consultant for the Four Seasons Hotels for almost a year now. Could you give us some insight into your background and how you got to your current position?

Cari Spinnler: I actually started my career as an actor. I was auditioning for lots of commercial work and I was always drawn to the producers and what they were doing. Although I went to a conservatory acting program (I didn’t even take math in college!) I found that I had natural business skills. I started producing and directing my own work and a local agency in Portland, Oregon, hired me to work on Nike and Intel projects.

I’ve been very lucky to work my way up with different agencies and eventually started working with Four Seasons. I’ve found that because I don’t have ”formal” training as a producer, that being ready to learn and doing a ton of research on my own has kept me sharp. I’m so grateful for all of the people who have mentored me along the way.

Production Paradise: We’ve noticed you have a lot of experience as a creative producer. Could you tell us about one of your favourite projects you have worked on and why?

Cari Spinnler: One of my favourite projects to date was one that I produced for Intel. It was the first project where I got to travel abroad and the team was really small. Just myself, our director and our DP. We were working with the Glasgow School of the Arts on how they use Intel technology in their work. I played a lot of different roles in that production and it taught me how to be quick and solve issues that were out of my comfort zone. Working with people who you genuinely love being around also makes the work that much more fulfilling.

Production Paradise: Could you share with us some of the best practices to create engaging content in the Tourism industry?

Cari Spinnler:  Creating work that feels aspirational and covetable is really important. You want someone to watch your content or look at your photos and think: “Wow! That’s so beautiful I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to go there.” Whether that is with a small detail like a gorgeous plate of food or something larger like a view that can only be captured in that location. We are flooded with content because of social media so having a specific point of view while creating is also really important and will help you stand out from the masses.

Production Paradise: The hotel and tourism industry has been especially affected by the Covid-19 situation, could you share with us how you have adapted to the new situation? Is this reflected in how campaigns are developed?

Cari Spinnler: It has definitely changed how we produce campaigns. Instead of flying all over the world to create content, we have adapted a lot of our current content to fit today’s travel culture. Staycations are huge as are live/work campaigns. Did you know you can live at Four Seasons? We have also put in place really high safety standards to ensure that anyone who is still in the field creating content is protected.

Production Paradise: It is your first time judging in the Spotlight Awards, as an Architecture & Interiors Photography judge, what are you expecting to see in this competition?

Cari Spinnler: I’m expecting to see some fabulous work! I’m excited to see the ways that these photographers bring spaces to life. Light is something I really focus on when working with my film and photography teams. How can you use light, natural or artificial, to enhance a space? I should see your photo and want to go there and explore.

Production Paradise: What benefits do you think Production Paradise and its awards bring to photographers looking to increase their international exposure?

Cari Spinnler:  You have judges from all over the world who will have eyes on your work. This is huge for photographers looking to make connections in all different industries. I’m always looking for new photographers to recommend to my team who bring a fresh perspective to the art form. I imagine most of the other judges have a similar mindset. Our industry is all about networking and this is a great way to do that.

We thank Cari for taking the time to talk with us, and we are looking forward to seeing the submissions for the Architecture & Interiors Category in the Spotlight Awards.