Meet Anthony Dias - director and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Working primarily on automotive and lifestyle campaigns, Anthony excels in transforming client visions into stunning, timeless work. With expertise in both motion and stills, there is no limit to his creative ambition, and to the stories he can tell. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Anthony about his work, and his personal philosophy on photography and filmmaking.

As a photographer and director, how do you balance fulfilling a client’s creative vision with exercising artistic freedom?

I treat every project as an artistic collaboration on from the first phone call. I provide my creative input, and their vision becomes my own. In that way, I can exercise my artistic freedom throughout the process without any doubts because the trust is there and our goal is the same.

Which stage of the creative process do you most enjoy? What about it makes it so enjoyable and/or fulfilling?

My passion is being on set with my subject, whether that’s an actor or a product. I enjoy observing what makes them unique and then finding the best way to capture that quality. Through lighting, lensing, and composition I am able to express how I feel and that brings me happiness.

When shooting outdoors, how do you execute the shoot as planned while being at the mercy of the elements?

The most exciting aspect of location work is embracing the elements and environment to capture something special in that moment. Staying up to date with the forecast and sun paths helps me to be prepared for what’s ahead. Having the right equipment ready for all the possible scenarios allows me to adapt quickly and stay focused.

Much of your inspiration on is drawn from cars and landscapes. Is inspiration something you look for, or does it find you?

Cars, people, and landscapes are the subjects that found me, but my inspiration comes from everything. I am inspired mostly by art, nature and observing people; whether in a film or in person.

Has the emergence of AI affected your work as a photographer and director?

AI has been around for a while throughout the editing and other software we use, which has been very helpful in post. The emergence of it as a full image creator has not yet impacted my world, but I anticipate it will start to encroach more and more just as computer generated imaging affected the car world. It will have a lasting impact, but that will not stop me from shooting practically and trying to achieve my vision in-camera.

Does the rise of AI photography present a challenge or opportunity for creatives like yourself?

It would be wise to embrace it as a tool to help enhance the process, because it’s not going to go away. I still enjoy the process of capturing my subjects in reality. I recently shot a studio project where I decided to use AI backgrounds to pair with practically captured trucks in a studio environment. My intention on was not to replicate reality, but to use AI to create futuristic color designs that enhance the overall images.

If you could advise photographers and/or directors at the start of their career against one thing, what would it be?

I would advise them against trying to fit into a mold. The ups and downs of our industry can mess with your head. Stay true to a final goal and be open to help. Our work is subjective, don’t let any one person’s opinion take away from what you’re trying to accomplish.

Do certain shoots or projects reinvigorate your love for the craft? Tell us about that feeling.

Projects that aren’t just bullet point shot lists are always nice. I embrace projects that have a clear vision and purpose, where it is more about finding the best way to beau fully capture the story and the freedom to create something new.

You are a longstanding and valued member at Production Paradise. How has being a part of our community impacted your career since joining?

Being a part of the Production Paradise community has helped to put my work in front of new people and to reestablish my work to those that already know me. I like that it’s not just a display of imagery here, but that people can actually get to know me and my aspirations.

We thank Anthony for taking us on a journey through his creative world! You can visit his member page here, and his website here.