In today's world, Instagram is a must! Whether you're looking for inspiration or connecting with liked-minded creatives, Instagram offers a variety of ways to grow your audience and highlight your work. Though social media marketing may come naturally to some, for many, it's intimidating and hard to grasp. But not to worry - that's where we come in!

In our series, 'A Creative's Guide to Instagram,' we break down the best practices for marketing effectively on the platform. This series was created specifically with the needs of freelance photographers and creatives in mind. In this installment, we cover the basics of building a visual identity. In other words, how to make a lasting first impression. A good first impression is attention grabbing and informative.

And it all starts with your username.

For a business Instagram account, it's best to keep your username simple and informative. A common practice is to use your name alongside a keyword that links your work to your person. This combination makes for a username that can be easily remembered and searched. While more creative usernames are not discouraged, it is best to remember that you want to give prospective clients the simplest way to find you.

Next comes your profile picture.

The first visual prospective clients will see once on your profile is your profile picture. Often times it becomes the sole image that they associate with your and/or your work. Use an image or logo that best represents your brand as a creative. As with your username, it's a good idea to use the same profile picture across other social media platforms you may use. With consistency comes familiarity and recognition helpful in building an engaged audience.

Now on to the Bio.

Your bio is where your most important information should be displayed. Think of it as a snapshot of your professional life. Here you can highlight contact information, professional achievements, where you are based, and links to redirect users to any other platforms you may have. This could be a website containing your portfolio, or other social media platforms. And most importantly, whether you use your name in your username or not, your bio is the perfect place to state your name.

Moving on to the feed itself.

For a feed that highlights your unique artistic voice, it is best to maintain a certain aesthetic. It should align with your artistic identity and give users a sense of your interests and abilities as a creative. Your feed should be cohesive but not monotonous. Let your work speak for itself!

We hope you found this installment of our series, "A Creative's Guide to Instagram,' useful. By implementing the basics covered in this article, you are well on your way to creating an Instagram profile that's attention grabbing and uniquely yours. Stay tuned for future installments!